Supreme Court Orders All Communications With George SOROS, His Associates, & Political Insiders TURNED OVER AT ONCE

DA Kim Gardner of St. Louis is frustrated because things are not going the way she would want them to.

First and foremost, she was found to have committed 62 acts of wrongdoing and made 79 false statements throughout her investigation of Eric Greitens. She is being investigated for possible wrongdoing in her prosecution of former Missouri governor, Eric Greitens, which is now underway. In the end, Greitens was forced to resign, and Gardner was compelled to withdraw the prosecution since she did not have a shred of evidence that Greiten committed any crime.

Investigator John Solomon has now won his case against Gardner, requiring her to give up any conversations she had with George Soros, his allies, and political insiders about the Greitens case. Gardner has agreed to comply.

As a result of Gardner’s failure to submit her brief to the court promptly, the Supreme Court declined to even consider her case and instead decided in favor of John Solomon, who had obtained a favorable ruling in a lower court. She will even be obligated to pay Solomon’s legal bills for the appeal, but Missouri taxpayers would most likely foot the bill for this expense.


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The Missouri Supreme Court has ordered the matter to be returned to the trial court, and Gardner has been given just thirty days to submit the documents requested by the court. I’m curious as to what the chances are that she will give over the communications within the time frame. Alternatively, she will attempt to conceal some of the more problematic ones.

Documents about Gardner’s botched 2018 prosecution of Greitens were requested in the public records request. Greitens resigned from the governorship less than two years after taking office.

An assistant district attorney accused Greitens of violating the Fourth Amendment by threatening to share a picture of his half-naked girlfriend if she spoke about their relationship with another man. Gardner, on the other hand, was forced to quit the complaint after confessing she did not have the supposed photograph and faced the risk of being summoned as a witness in the case by Greteins’ attorneys.