New Shocking Audio Release of Trump’s Call To Georgia Governor Demanding Fair Election


A new audio recording acquired by The Wall Street Journal reveals then-President Trump discussing problems in last year’s Georgia mail-in ballot audit with the chief investigator during a phone conversation in December. The tape was obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Trump repeatedly stated during the six-minute phone call with chief investigator Frances Watson that he and not Vice President Joe Biden had won the election in Georgia. Trump also stated several times that “something bad happened” during the phone call.

Trump is combating the cabal’s low-level shields in an honest and kind manner!

That is all these state representatives and their attorneys are, and it is to this group that they are obliged because they have chosen to accept the money and the power above God and nation.

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They are weak, sad bags of nothing in my eyes, and a lost soul in the eyes of God, since treason against God and man is unforgivable in my opinion, and I’m rather certain that God feels the same way!


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Goodness and blessings to truth and goodness to all God-men, and may we alter the rights of all others so that their souls may be rescued and their lives not be wasted!