New Poll Shows Trump Has Massive 59 Percent Approval Rating… as Biden Continues to Sink

New polling data reveals that former President Donald Trump has a staggering 59 percent popularity rating – on the same day that Vice President Joe Biden’s approval rating reached an all-time low.

According to the results of the study, conducted by Emerson Polling, people are not being duped into thinking that rising gas prices are not Biden’s responsibility.

While President Joe Biden’s popularity rating increased by one point from February to 43 percent, his disapproval rating decreased by one point to 49 percent. According to the pollsters, the Republican Party maintains a significant advantage in the upcoming midterm elections. “47 percent of those polled say they will support the Republican congressional candidate, while 42 percent say they will support the Democratic congressional candidate, with 11 percent undecided,” they write.

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It went on to note that former President Trump has a roughly 12-point favorability edge over Vice President Biden: 59 percent of voters say they are somewhat or very favorable to Trump, compared to 47 percent who are somewhat or very positive to Biden.” If Biden were to run in a hypothetical 2024 election against former President Trump, he would be down 45 percent to 42 percent.”

A total of 83% of voters believe they are suffering some trouble as a result of rising costs on common commodities, with 40% expressing substantial hardship and the other 43% reporting little hardship. “Emerson discovered that seventeen percent (17 percent) of people said they are not facing any difficulties.” “When asked who they hold responsible for the rise in gas prices, a majority (39 percent) point the finger at the Biden Administration, 21 percent point the finger at Russian sanctions, and 18 percent point the finger at gas and oil businesses.”

Another survey, this one from Reuters/Ipsos and issued on Wednesday, showed Biden’s approval rating plummeting to only 40%, the lowest level ever recorded for him.

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As The Hill reported, “With the November midterm elections rapidly approaching, these poll findings might be troubling for Democrats seeking to preserve thin majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate,” which is the case in both the House and the Senate.