Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘EXPOSED’ America’s Biggest Traitors

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican representative from Georgia, is targeting RINOs and Never-Trumpers in her party.

Democrat President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party were attacked by Greene for attempting to enact their far-left agenda in the United States.

She then shifted her attention to Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, the leaders of the House and Senate Republicans, respectively.

“Republicans are merging with Democrats and doing little to nothing to resist Biden and the Democrats,” Greene tweeted many times.

According to Greene, here’s what he had to say

I ran for office because Republicans in the House and Senate failed to deliver on critical topics important to Republican voters during Trump’s first two years in office. Broken campaign pledges, such as Obamacare repeal. The cost of health insurance for my family increased from $800 to almost $2400 as a result of Obamacare. Border wall funding and construction. The R’s gave money to other nations, but they refused to construct a border wall for the United States.

De-funding Sanctuary Cities. ‘ Local governments in cities where illegal immigration is a problem get support from the federal government. Planned Parenthood’s defunding. Even after two years of Trump’s presidency, Rs was unable to defund the abhorrent abortion facility. It wasn’t financed by them. That’s the one I’m having the most trouble letting go of.

You see, Republicans are just a few votes shy of a majority in the House. Pelosi is under extreme pressure to deliver since she cannot afford to lose any votes and must have the support of the whole conference to enact legislation. And she performs. That’s something I admire about her. Even though the Democrat measures are so heinously un-American, the Republicans in the House aren’t putting any meaningful pressure on them. Many of my colleagues could defeat the Communist Democrats’ agenda by legislating and taking action as they do on television.

When I’m $30 trillion in debt, on the edge of communism, in danger of economic collapse & being dragged into a global economy by seasoned R’s who want to lecture me on how it’s done in the past, I don’t know what to believe.

My Conference’s decision to stick with the “message” and “fundraising” approach to retake the House of Representatives is beyond my comprehension.

Republicans in Congress must get their act together if we are to take back our nation in 22 and certainly not in 24. It’s time for the Republicans to get their act together and recognize that they’re undermining their own party’s self-confidence and putting it in jeopardy.

Please follow these instructions. Joe Biden should be impeached. Articles of Impeachment must be drafted by the Republican Party. Pressure moderate Democrats who realize they would lose their seats if they vote against impeachment by spending as much money as necessary.

Greene comfortably won the Republican primary in Georgia earlier this week.

Jennifer Strahan, the CEO and founder of a suburban Atlanta health care consultancy business that campaigned as a “no-nonsense conservative,” was unable to overcome Greene.


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The lawsuit filed by a leftist organization to challenge Greene’s ability to seek re-election was dismissed earlier this month by a court.

When Charles Beaudrot finished his investigation, he had to report his findings to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, according to Georgia state law.

Raffensperger agreed with the judge’s conclusions and stated Greene is eligible to compete for re-election again. Raffensperger.

Greene’s attorney, James Bopp Jr., characterized the complaint as “50 pages of newspaper clippings, hearsay, and political exaggeration.”

Last week, Bopp cautioned that a verdict against Green may lead to challenges to President Trump’s fitness for office.