“Lock Her Up” Protesters YELL At Hillary As She Arrives At Sheraton Hotel In NYC!

The presidential election is just a couple of years away now, the conversation has already commenced on who will run.

There is an ongoing controversy, who wi Hull it be? Will it be Joe Biden again? Will President Trump run? What if Biden doesn’t run again? Who will the Democrats choose instead?

Adequately, if one thing can be said at this point, I think we can confidently say that Hillary Clinton will not be a potential candidate in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

I reckon that it’s a good thing because Democrats can try to focus on getting someone better as a nominee in case Joe Biden, is not going to run again or in case he is unable to run. If you ask me, he’s already unfit to run once again, however, the Democratic party will never tell him no because he is the president-elect.

Hillary should have been incarcerated a long time ago. We knew about her involvement with the email servers and how James Comey even said that she broke numerous federal laws yet didn’t pursue any action against her.

They felt that they would never get caught, and then she started creating the hoax around President Trump and the whole Russian collusion garbage. but they continued to push things so hard, and unfortunately for them, actually had someone willing to fight back. Now, they are finding themselves in deep difficulty.

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One of Hillary’s attorneys has conceded to lying to the FBI and it’s only a matter of time before Hillary herself meets her match and is arrested. We’ve seen that according to the new filing from special counsel John Durham that Perkins Coie is connected with the Hillary Clinton campaign and that they spied on President Trump’s internet traffic both at Trump Tower and while he was in the White House to create this link to Russia. Not only did they spy on him, but they planted the fact.

Everybody knows that she is guilty no matter where she goes she is continually taunted by people around her. Recently in New York City where she was set to make an appearance protesters were chanting “lock her up”.

She needs to be charged, she got away with being a criminal for far too long, and it’s time that this comes to an end, she should be prosecuted for all the crimes that she perpetrated.