Judge Jeanine Pirro Takes Huge Risk, Exposes Michelle Obama Live on Air

Michelle Obama went on Oprah to express her dissatisfaction with America after eight years of being a failure. She believes that the American people have lost hope as a result of Obama’s decision not to run for President. SERIOUSLY!!

What kind of universe does Michelle Obama inhabit? She really believes that Americans have lost their “hope” as a result of the election. Michelle Obama was torn to shreds by Judge Jeanine Pirro for the derogatory remarks she made about President Donald Trump.

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Prepare yourself for this. Take a look at the video below!

Jeanine, the judge:

“Since when has hope risen and fallen in tandem with your and Barack’s tenure as President?… But I get what you’re saying. For you, there is no longer any hope. In order to go to another 46 nations, you and your family and friends will be required to go through security and have their hair and cosmetics done. Michelle, you may not be aware of it, but Americans have turned their backs on you and everything you represent.


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They understand what it is to have hope. The term “hope” refers to the moment when 30,000 people at a time line up in the cold with their children, hoping to get a sight of the guy who they believe has the ability to turn their life around from the downward spiral that you and Mr. Hope and Change have sent them on.”