Joe Biden Family Members Leak Details of his Cognitive Decline

On Guy Benson’s program this week, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson was questioned about a recent survey indicating that the majority of people feel Joe Biden is not psychologically prepared to serve as President of the United States. What Carlson stated in response was extremely stunning, as he disclosed that he had insider knowledge regarding the president’s mental health from sources inside the Biden family, which was previously unknown.

“I’m acquainted with a number of members of his family, and I’m acquainted with a few of them really well,” Carlson stated, according to Town Hall. “I also knew for a fact that some members of his family were really worried about his cognitive abilities,” says the author.

“They were not expecting him to be nominated,” says the source. Nothing was done,” he continued. “And he got it, and they were really taken aback by it….” That’s… I’m not making any educated educated guesses here. Those are facts I can vouch for! And thus I was aware of his family’s concern about his declining mental health. As a result, there is some news to report. The fact that this is new is noteworthy.

After President Biden’s first medical examination was completed and published by the White House, this occurred. “Biden continues to be a robust, vibrant 78-year-old guy who is fit to properly fulfill the responsibilities of the Presidency,” according to White House physician Kevin O’Connor, who released the findings of the examination.

“A-fib with the normal ventricular response, hyperlipidemia, gastric reflux, seasonal allergies, spine arthritis and moderate sensory peripheral neuropathy in both feet,” according to O’Connor’s assessment of Biden’s current medical concerns.

Afterward, Dr. Marc Siegel, Clinical Professor of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center and a practicing internist shared some of his worries regarding the test report in an interview with the New York Times.