Hillary Clinton Begs Durham To Drop Investigation After New Evidence Surface

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that one of the most talked-about topics of recent years or decades has begun to emerge in “alternative media.” The mainstream media has mostly neglected to report Durham’s bombshells, not because sites like ours broke the news or outwitted it; rather, the MSM has refused to cover our stories.

Attorneys for Michael Sussmann want to have Durham’s complaint against the counselor dismissed, which is another narrative twist.

This recent development in the narrative that has gripped the nation was covered by the New York Post:

Special counsel John Durham has been accused of “extreme prosecutorial overreach” by lawyers for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign lawyer, who filed a motion to dismiss the case Thursday.

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After he was accused of lying to an FBI agent when he said he wasn’t assisting Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Michael Sussmann was charged in Durham’s Trump-Russia probe last year.

Sussmann’s legal team contended that prosecutors were pursuing him on a technicality in the request to dismiss, saying that he had not made false statements to the FBI.

The FBI agents who met with Sussmann in September 2016 “sent over material that aroused national security concerns,” according to his attorneys.

According to Sussmann, there were contacts between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank, which he brought up to the FBI. A closer look revealed that the alleged digital fingerprints were most likely the consequence of junk email, according to our findings.


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Basically, he met with the FBI to deliver a tip. An accusation that the tip he gave was false is not made in the indictment. The motion states that “there is no allegation that he understood the tip he supplied to be fraudulent.”

The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft reported:

It was revealed this past weekend that Hillary Clinton’s staff, including Sussmann, had been eavesdropping on President Trump,’ said Durham. Spying on the president, according to the majority of Americans, is not an inconsequential affair.

It is possible, however, that when seen as part of a larger plot to overthrow the President of the United States, Sussmann’s falsehoods may have a significant impact.