An agency with no semblance of legitimacy may be found in the FBI. This is the inevitable outcome of J Edgar Hoover’s creation: an oppressive persecution squad.

On Seth Rich’s murder for years, the FBI said that they had no information. There were no records of the homicide, according to the FBI.

To say the least, it came as a shock to learn that AON had documentation indicating that Seth Rich’s death was the result of a hired hit, or that a large corporation was willing to pay to have him assassinated.

Now I’m wondering who it may be… See if we can find out.

The FBI tried to hide it.

They suspected foul activity and suspected it to be a contract assassination.

Wikileaks must have figured out that Rich was behind the Podesta email release that brought down Hillary Clinton.

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How much would it cost to have him murdered now?

According to Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit:

On Friday, the FBI finally sent Attorney Ty Clevenger the materials he requested.

On Sunday, OAN revealed that according to FBI papers, an unidentified party sought to cover up the murder of Seth Rich.

According to OAN,

Previously denied data of slain DNC employee Seth Rich have now been made public by the FBI. There seems to be evidence that an unnamed person or organization paid a large sum of money to have Seth Rich assassinated, according to FBI papers published this weekend.

Top DOJ officials met in 2018 to examine Rich’s murder, and investigators discovered no evidence that Rich had engaged in any questionable behavior before his death, according to the documents.

In 2016, Rich was shot down in front of his house in Washington, D.C.

Although no valuables were stolen, Democrats and the mainstream media have dismissed Rich’s death as a “conspiracy theory” and claimed it was an act of theft. Despite this, FBI papers seem to indicate that Rich may have been a victim of foul play linked to Washington, DC politics.

The FBI has released the Seth Rich docs.