FBI Agents Comes Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Russia Ties

A shocking statement by the FBI’s former director of intelligence this week ties up with the Biden administration’s new “Disinformation Governance Board.”

Forging the ‘Trump-Russia connection’ story was more than simply a “political dirty trick,” according to former Assistant Director for Intelligence Kevin Brock in an interview with Just the News.

That the deception was intended to purposely deceive the American people has led to increased mistrust in the government, Brock claims.

“This isn’t simply nasty politics,” Brock said Wednesday. “Most filthy political techniques are based on truth. But they made it up.”

The outlet went on:

Brock, a renowned FBI bureau executive, praised Special Counsel John Durham for using the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann to expose the bogus Russia connection story.

Sussmann is accused of lying to the FBI in October 2016 when he denied participating on behalf of a client in providing the agency false information that Trump had a covert communications channel with the Kremlin.

Durham has just revealed that the Clinton campaign’s own researchers questioned the claim, which one called a “red herring.”

Another campaign researcher said the underlying data showed merely a “inference” at best.

Recent court documents show that a journalist contacted Clinton’s campaign research team weeks before they alerted the FBI about cooperation that the reporter’s Russian sources called them “bulls**t.”

“The material given in court gets to the facts of what happened,” Brock said of Durham’s latest evidentiary court filings.

In a plan to confuse the American voter, Durham meticulously documents how the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party employed engineered misinformation to deceive them ahead of the election.

Brock has already slammed his former employer for letting the Russian collusion inquiry to go on for two years without a solid foundation or meaningful proof.

To further the bogus collusion story, he believes Sussmann should be investigated by the FBI, CIA, State Department, and the media.

“This is more than a Clinton campaign lawyer lying to the FBI,” Brock added. “He’s exploiting this accusation to uncover a bigger story.”


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In recent court documents, Durham described a joint effort of conspiratorial operations that fabricated information. “… Clearly, the Americans were duped.”

He also slammed the Department of Homeland Security’s new disinformation board, saying it’s a mistake to use it to control Americans’ online speech and that it’s susceptible for politicization.

“I believe misinformation is subjective,” he remarked. “I believe most people assume that this material would be biased towards one political party or the other. The risk of a governing board like this is that it will be used to muzzle or repress alternative voices.

‘We’re just concerned in combatting Russian misinformation or Chinese disinformation on social media platforms,’” Brock stated. “But it should be handled, and I believe we are suspicious about it.”