British Spy CONFESSES to Derailing 2020 Election In Favor of Biden

Perhaps the most obvious lesson we can take away from the Trump presidency is that the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand (the countries that make up the Five Eyes intelligence alliance) exist and are actively engaged in interfering in major political events taking place in the United States and other countries around the world.

According to our findings, the Five Eyes organization and its members played a significant part in the conspiracy to keep Trump out of the White House. Following the failure of that effort, much more effort was devoted to undermining President Trump’s political capital, providing ammunition for impeachment proceedings, and inundating the media with nonsense propaganda alleging that Trump is somehow owned by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

The truth finally emerged as a result of the passage of time, and these falsehoods were exposed for what they really were: a load of bunk.

Foreign actors’ attempts to intervene in our elections (which came from countries that are supposed to be among our closest friends) had been met with disappointment when they were unable to prevent Trump from becoming president.

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Because to The Gateway Pundit, we now know that the intelligence community is still up to its old antics…….

This morning, The Gateway Pundit has a shocking exclusive to share with you…

President Donald Trump’s White House was infiltrated by a British intelligence agent in an attempt to damage the president’s reputation and then to derail the 2020 election audit efforts, according to the White House.

A man by the name of Don Berlin introduced a paper into President Trump’s inner circle a few days before the presidential election in an attempt to set President Trump up for a supposed uprising, as we previously reported. A synopsis of this paper was subsequently snatched up by the Jan 6 committee and sent to different media sources in an effort to portray him as having launched an uprising after the 2020 Election heist and theft.

We now know that Berlin wasn’t the only one involved. President Trump’s inner circle was also infiltrated by another guy, Andrew Whitney, who had ties to British Intelligence. His goal was to ruin President Trump’s reputation and then impede the post-2020 Election audit attempts.

Andrew Whitney stated on one résumé, on which he is named as a director of Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc., that he had previously worked for Bain and Company consulting and other firms, among other things.

Whitney stated in the aforementioned résumé, as well as in another resume published by Future in Review, that he had previously worked for Bain & Company. As most Americans who were around for the 2012 Presidential Election are aware, this business has ties to Mitt Romney and his campaign.

Whitney’s Future in Review CV included the following statements, among others:

Andrew is a former Reserve member of two branches of the United Kingdom Armed Forces who likes shooting, motorbikes, vehicles, skiing, and films. He also enjoys reading and watching documentaries.

The third résumé for Whitney may be found at Cimarron Capital, which is shown below.

Looking at Andrew Whitney’s three resumes, we know:

  1. Whitney’s experience at Bain & Co and Bain Leveraged, his buyout practice, and his claim to be a Cambridge postgraduate are identical across all three profiles.
  2. Andrew Whitney – Future in Review looks to be the earliest of the three profiles, claiming 16 years as an entrepreneur.
  3. His claim to have worked as a “market maker” on the London Stock Exchange when employed by FTSE energy stock in 1989 looks dubious, given his age at the time.
  4. His sole mention of doing master’s and Ph.D. dissertations is in his Cimarron profile. A search of identified many publications on which Whitney worked at Cambridge, but no document addressing the post-Soviet Russian energy industry.
  5. His profile at Phoenix Biotechnology claims 25 years of expertise in IP licensing and administration. The prior two biographies make no mention of it.

Whitney used these resumes to weave his way into Trump’s circle. He met President Trump and tried to promote an unproven COVID-19 solution in the summer of 2020. According to a Washington Post exposé in August 2020, Andrew Whitney met with President Trump at the White House to promote a new COVID-19 cure. WaPo says:

Trump has asked for guidance about the virus from a variety of sources, including those who have gained access to him. Laura Ingraham, a frequent visitor to the Oval Office to discuss hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial medicine Trump advocated as a cure for the Coronavirus, even though scientific studies indicate that it may have lethal adverse effects if used as a therapy, is among the chorus of critics.

Andrew Whitney, a biopharmaceuticals executive on the board of Phoenix, recently visited with Trump in the Oval Office. According to two senior administration officials familiar with the debate, Whitney pushed Trump on a botanical extract called oleandrin as a cure for the coronavirus.

When searching for companies associated with Andrew Whitney, several come up. Rook Perspectives, LLC is one of Whitney’s several businesses. Whitney’s brother, Mark Andrew Whitney, owns this firm (dressed in his military uniform below).

Rook Industries has one employee and less than $100,000 in revenue. Its website is down and its address is a Las Vegas home. Other concerns surround Whitney’s connections. Whitney’s allegation that he worked at Bain Capital is similarly unsubstantiated.

The top of Rook Industries’ mansion includes a unique satellite dish. This dish is not in any of the surrounding homes. The existence of an odd dish arrangement raises suspicions. The dish’s installation is unlike any other in the near vicinity. Rather than receiving satellite, television, or internet signals, such a dish is used to receive long-range communications from inside the home. Mark Whitney reportedly moved to the UAE in July 2017 and all signs indicate he left the US.

The Whitney Brothers were both in the British Army. Andrew is a SAS pilot and Mark is an RAF pilot. Mark had a long military career with growing levels and responsibilities. He served in the Royal Air Force in the UK, Canada, and the US.

It’s probable that Mark served under non-official cover (NOC) for the foreign service. Mark has no overt intelligence or operational experience or activities. The tight ties between CAE, the Special Operations Community, and the Intelligence Community make this particularly true. These NOCs are not operational officers for insertion. They collect data from their handler (perhaps Andrew) and send it back to their handler.

Andrew Whitney, Mark’s brother, is a former intelligence officer who has been a Reserve Officer in the British Special Air Service SAS since 2002.

Andrew Whitney was repeatedly introduced into Trump’s sphere. He returned following the 2020 Election.