Breaking News: Top Democrat Arrested By the FBI

One of California’s most senior Democratic politicians has resigned as the corruption investigation grows.

This morning, Melahat Rafiei announced her resignation as California Democratic Party secretary and State Representative to the DNC.

‘In a letter shared on social media, Rafiei said that she was a ‘confidential witness’ in an FBI investigation into the potential sale of Angel Stadium and that she had resigned from her position,’ Fox 11 Los Angeles claimed.’”

In light of recent rumors that she had been detained by the FBI in 2019 for an alleged bribery plot, Rafiei was under growing pressure to step down.” According to the report, “She has not been charged.”

Prosecutors said Rafiei cooperated with the FBI’s investigation despite her denial of guilt.

By Rafiei’s account, the probe had become “distracting” and a “hindrance.”

In a letter to the Democratic Party’s state and national chairmen, Rafiei said that “the dispute about my position is now a burden.” For the time being, I believe resigning from my roles in the party is the wisest course of action for me and the party, given how quickly decisions are being made in politics these days.

Both Anaheim’s Culture and Heritage Commission and the OC Fair & Event Center Board have accepted her resignation.

Democrats dropped their support for Rafiei when it was revealed that the FBI had detained her in 2019 on suspicion of corruption.

According to reports, she is now a “cooperating witness” in the Federal corruption investigation.

According to the Los Angeles Times,

In the letter, she confirmed that she had been a confidential witness in the FBI investigation into the planned $320 million sale of Angel Stadium property, but she did not reply to a request for comment on Sunday.

The discussions between Anaheim and the Angels over the planned sale were marred by allegations of fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and other forms of corruption, according to federal investigators in a court filing.

On May 16, FBI Special Agent Brian Adkins submitted an affidavit containing the following information:

At the government’s request, the charge against Rafiei was “dismissed without prejudice.”

Authorities accused Rafiei of withholding information from investigators, including more occasions when she “offered to pay bribes for elected public officials,” the FBI said in an announcement.

On the basis of the government’s interactions with the defendant’s counsel and the defendant, ” “CW1’s purpose for helping in this investigation was to earn leniency for the federal criminal violation CW1 was initially detained for, as well as additional suspected criminal activity,” according to the FBI.


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No assurances of leniency have been made by the government or the lawyers for CW1 or CW1’s attorney.

At this point, “CW1 and the government have not reached agreement on a pre-indictment settlement, and at this moment, there is no further collaboration.”

There has been a growing chorus pushing for Rafiei to stand down as chair of the Democratic Party of California’s Progressive Caucus.

Even if the FBI case is overdone and the audiotape doesn’t say what it seems to say, the most significant problem is that (Rafiei) campaigned for CDP Officer and concealed from delegates that she had been jailed for corruption. This is the most essential thing for the party. The statement continued, “She placed her personal interests ahead of the party, which is never acceptable.”