Breaking: AG Declares Hillary Clinton GUILTY of SEDITION

I don’t always agree with former Attorney General Bill Barr, but when I do, it’s on the issue of imprisoning Hillary Clinton. He’s right on the money this time. Hillary’s actions with the fake Alpha Bank deception and the phony Steele dossier caused serious damage to the country. She cost the FBI and other federal resources to be wasted when there were serious crimes that needed their attention, in addition to the $50 million spent on the FBI and Mueller chasing their tails.

Hillary needed a distraction from the email crisis, so she followed the Democratic playbook and utilized the traditional Wag the Dog gambit of disseminating outright lies about a sitting president of the United States. Biden is employing the same method to conceal, well, everything he’s done.

According to Bill Barr,

“I was afraid we were on the verge of a constitutional crisis.” Whatever you think of Trump, I believe the Russiagate investigation was a great injustice. It appears to be a shady political maneuver designed to stymie him and eventually force him out of office. It appears to me to be seditious.”

“It was a heinous injustice that harmed the United States in a variety of ways, including what we’re seeing now in Ukraine.” It threw our foreign policy into disarray, and so on.”


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The Hillary campaign and the DNC, which funded the Stele dossier, hatched an FBI investigation into Trump’s campaign over alleged ties to the Russian government during the 2016 election, and Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified under oath last week that Hillary personally approved the plan to release the fake Alpha Bank hoax to the media.

From the pages of The Blaze

The 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign utilized leaks from the inquiry to accuse Trump of conspiring with the Russians to meddle in the election, creating conspiracy theories that his victory was illegitimate. After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in May 2017, Democrats accused him of trying to obstruct the Russia investigation and demanded the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into Trump’s conduct.