BIDEN IS FINISHED! The Evidence Against Joe Biden On The Hard Drive Is STRONGER Than Against Hunter

According to the New York Times, CNN, and even Jeff Bezos’ worthless Washington Post, Hunter Biden’s laptop has become a serious news issue. The fact that they waited more than a year and a half after the 2020 election to expose details that no one thinks they knew from the start is typical of leftist misinformation news sites. They wanted to help Joe Biden beat Donald Trump. Mission accomplished. Now the rest of us must cope with the aftermath of their hedonism, which has resulted in a collapse.

During an appearance in The War Room with Steve Bannon on Thursday, Rudy Giuliani highlighted the media awakening and what everyone on the right knew about October 2020.

Instead of a much-deserved serious criminal investigation, Katie Hobbs gets to run for governor of Arizona, which is the usual procedure for how Democrats cover up everything.

When Giuliani asked Bannon to investigate a certain item found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, Bannon reported that he was approximately 6 minutes into it when he exclaimed, “Holy, mo… whoa!” … “This is great, Rudy,” I answered. … “It astounded me.”

Bannon said. “Rudy, this is my issue. “What makes you a hero?” It wouldn’t have occurred if Rudy Giuliani hadn’t come or if the owner of the firm [computer repair shop] hadn’t said, ‘Rudy Giuliani is a man of integrity.’ Rudy Giuliani is a fighter and a warrior.

“And Rudy Giuliani brought in experts in every field,” he said. On pornography, the child situation, and the different payoffs. He inquired about the Communist Chinese Party and its activities.”

He then got the New York Post and its fantastic team, particularly the lawyers and technical men, to confirm this.

“What does it say about the lawless criminals who govern this country?” Banon then questioned Giuliani.

“I mean, we’re a corrupt nation,” Rudy pointed out. It’s a terrible thing to say about our country. Not everyone is shocked, but many of us are. However, we are dominated by crooks. Like Silicon Valley, the media is complicit. It’s almost as though they’re plotting something. They restrict people because the Biden administration or the Democratic Party pressures them to do so. Or they do it because they support the left. To me, they are socialists or communists. And swindlers.”

Giuliani has joined the electoral interference on social media and in the mainstream media.

“They fought hard to keep Trump out because he would jeopardize their plans.” He was going to expose the biggest con ever. Look, some people earn millions of dollars, while others make billions. The coronavirus costs billions of dollars. So we’re talking about a lot more money than you and I could have anticipated five years ago when we discussed the deep state. It’s more profound. It’s much more dangerous. It makes the mafia seem insignificant. “As well as ruthless.”


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Why didn’t I just submit it to the New York Times or the Washington Post? They demonstrated it. They continue to deceive. They claim there is no evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement.

“The evidence on the hard drive against Joe Biden surpasses Hunter Biden.” I gave you the meat of my racketeering case. Racketeering needs evidence of ongoing illicit activity. I’d never seen such evidence before. On Christmas Day 2018, Hunter Biden describes the criminal group to his daughter. He takes note of it. ‘I adore you all, yet I am unappreciated.’ I hope you will all be able to accomplish what I did and pay for this family for the next 30 years. It’s difficult. ‘However, unlike Pop, I don’t want half your salary.’

GOP Senators Release Bombshell Docs Exposing BIDEN’S $$$ Ties To The CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY

“That is the racketeering trade.” The fact that the Washington Post, New York Times, and other scumbags haven’t published it indicates that they’re scumbags.