Angry Patriots Chants F*** Joe Biden, Trump Won At a New York Restaurant

Joe Biden is no longer able to take a vacation from his duties. Joe Biden seems to be surrounded by protesters everywhere he goes, whether it’s in the White House, in Congress, or on a foreign tour as a representative of the United States of America.

A chant that originally gained popularity in college football and has now found its way to the NFL only adds to the overall musicality of the game. In the NFL, the chant “F*** Joe Biden” is growing more popular among fans.

Many college football games were disrupted by shouts of “F*** Joe Biden.”
If you are elected to the position of President of the United States, you will have a very thankless job. You’ll never be able to satisfy everyone, no matter how hard you try. It’s worth remembering that there are some folks out there who never really wanted you in the first place. Joe Biden finds himself in a similar situation.

The filthy slogan, which was first heard during college football games, has now extended to other sports. The season for Coastal Carolina began with a flurry of violence, which continued throughout the rest of the season. When the Alabama State Hornets took on the Auburn Tigers and Ole Miss Rebels, the chant could be heard.


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As a member of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden is unlikely to win over more conservative voters in the states that border the Democratic Party’s stronghold. The shouts started to resound across New York City, which prompted Joe Biden to become concerned.

The infamous “F*** Joe Biden” chant has found its way to the National Football League’s locker room.
A lot of people have heard the tagline during the New York Jets’ games at MetLife Stadium in the last several months.

It was most recently heard last week, during the New York Jets game against the New England Patriots, according to reports. This is especially damaging for Joe Biden, considering the Democratic Party’s strongholds in New England and New York, where these claims have been leveled.

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The New York Mets’ game versus the New York Yankees was especially famous for the usage of such chants, which were also heard at other athletic events in the city of New York around the same period. Rival political groups have banded together to voice their dissatisfaction with the present administration’s handling of the situation in Venezuela.