“You Have Three Days To Decide “!! Josh Hawley Slams Nancy Pelosi.

The historic impeachment of president Trump is taking a big turn after Democrats voted for his impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi had told the House to go ahead with the impeachment of the president while Trump seemingly  unbothered calls it a big hoax and also a game. After two months of intense investigation, the House moved to impeach Trump.

The speaker also said President Trump leaves them “no choice, but to act”. The president acknowledged that he is not worried about the stain that impeachment might have on his legacy.

The Democrats have always wanted Trump impeached simply because they dont like him.

The impeachment articles has been debated on, and both Democrats and Republicans have voted almost two weeks ago but Nancy Pelosi had since withheld the articles from going to the senate.

The whole impeachment drama had taken a new turn because The Missouri Senator, Josh Hawley has sent a warning that he would dismiss Pelosi’s impeachment articles if the Democrats do not deliver the impeachment articles to the senate.

During the announcement, Josh said it was the Democrats that suggested an urgent impeachment but it turns out that they do not want any trial.

He then went ahead to give Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats three days to decide before he goes ahead with his action.

He further insisted that withholding the articles from the Senate is also an abuse of power and obstruction of the Senate of which they charge against Trump.