Trump’s New Media Company Hiring ‘Non-Woke’ producers for new streaming Channel.

Since Trumps was wrongfully and unjustly banned from twitter, the platform has considerably devolved into a liberal weapon for silencing conservative voices as more and more free thinking americans find themselves banned from the platform. Simply put, if your content doesn’t fit the Liberal narrative, you’ll have not just liberal trolls to worry about but the platform itself which is sad.

We all thought there was a ray of hope when Billionaire Elon Musk began the journey of acquiring the social media behemoth but currently, the purchase process has been halted due to Twitter’s inability to ascertain with precision the percentage of bots on the platform. On Top of that, Musk has proven to be an unpredictable Individual and has not exactly been seen waving the trump flag in recent times.

We’ve heard talk of a New Platform owned by trump which will treat all it’s users equally, regardless of their political philosophy or ethnic dispensation. Speculators believe it will be known as trump TV and all indicators point to its launch in the near future.

UK mail report on Friday said that Trump Media and Technology group is currently conducting mass employment for a video streaming platform that the company plans to pit against current reigning giants like Hulu, Netflix and Disney+.

The company has put our recruitment adverts announcing that they were in the market for a content buyer and development manager. the position entails the creation, supervision and optimization of programming for it’s TMGT+ service. The new media service is a part of trumps strategy to build an alternative platform since he was kicked off Youtube, twitter and facebook last year.

The ad said the video streaming platform will probably offer a large number of diverse programming, including original and others sourced from other locations like existing platforms.

“The Trump Media & Technology Group’s streaming video-on-demand service will be an umbrella platform that will of a variety of quality entertainment based on freedom of expression,” he said. “Americans are looking for” unawakening “entertainment. TMTG + provides content to everyone.

He also spoke about Truth social and SVOD which will provide all manner of content from scripted, to non-scripted and even off the dome raw content for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

“In addition to the internet community platform Truth Social, our platform TMTG+ also has a wide variety of original, unscripted, scripted content,”
“The Trump Media & Technology Group Streaming Video team is looking for a content development manager who is passionate about the day-to-day development of TMTG + program listings,” the RFP adds. “This role creates and develops original unscripted content, short series episodes, and special internal concepts. Our ideal candidate is efficient in a fast-paced environment while meeting tight deadlines. You will be able to prioritize and multitask. ”

Responsibilities listed include managing projects under development “including paper development, casting and piloting”, responding to suggestions from external producers, assessing strength in SVOD direction, “networking, AVOD”. Includes the maintenance of “On the development of trends in the SVOD platform.” We are always paying attention not only to related programming opportunities, but also to new talents and future unscripted programs. ”


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The requirements include more than 4 years of development experience “either in a production company , network, digital content producer, or streamer” and the applicant possess a bachelor’s degree or similar relevant experience.

“Excellent writing and storytelling skills. Proficient in taking notes and giving instructions is also a requirement.
This announcement follows the outage of CNN +, a streaming news service from CNN. We were canceled less than a month after the service started.

One of the biggest names acquired by CNN+ was Chris Wallace, who left Fox News 18 years later to join CNN +. But now that it’s closed, Wallace will move to HBO Max.

“Chris Wallace will have another chance at an interview after CNN + fell from the sky and moved to HBO Max. Wallace’s show” Who Talks to Chris Wallace ” Will move to the HBO streaming service which the owners, Warner Bros and Discovery, is currently focused on investing. according o rports by the Daily Mail.

“In the meantime, the fate of other talents employed by CNN + remains a mystery, including names like Roman, Audie Cornish, Kasie Hunt, Jemele Hill and Rex Chapman. Monday was the first official work day for new CNN boss Chris Richt, who proposed to move the network away from the opinionative shows that had been dominant for the past few years, ”

Wallace suddenly left Fox News to join CNN’s new streaming service, just a few weeks later, before being destined, but recently became open about everything that happened.
“I’m fine,” Wallace said in a panel discussion hosted by the Common Grounds Committee. “I’m in good shape, both on CNN and elsewhere.”