Trump Sends Strong Warning To Democrats

Kirsters Baish’s Opinion| Pastor Robert Jeffress has given a warning to the United States, stating that if the Democratic Party is successful in impeaching President Donald Trump on the basis of the bogus claims leveled against him, our nation would descend into civil war.

Dr. Jeffress appeared on the Fox News program “Fox & Friends” to respond to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s demand for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

According to Jeffress, Democrats aren’t concerned about ripping America apart as long as they can get rid of President Donald Trump.

“I believe it’s difficult to take Nancy Pelosi’s prayer seriously,” Pastor Jeffress said at the outset. The image comes to mind of a pyromaniac holding a match about to ignite a building and saying, “Please join me in praying that the harm I’m about to wreak isn’t too severe.” … Put down the darn match if you’re really genuine about your prayer… Democrats don’t give a damn if they burn down the country and ruin it in the process… In the last week, I’ve traversed the nation and spoken with hundreds of Evangelicals, and I’ve never seen them more enraged about any topic as they are about the effort to illegitimately remove this President from office.”

The Washington Post’s (Opinion) left wing reported:

As a result, Trump was accused of inciting violence and downplaying the seriousness of civil war by detractors, including one sitting Republican congressman.

“I’ve been to war-torn countries. @realDonaldTrump I have never imagined such a phrase to be repeated by a president,” tweeted Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a distinguished Air Force veteran who served as a pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan. “This is really abhorrent,” he screams.

Chris Murphy (Conn.) and Brian Schatz (Hawaii) also weighed in on the president’s tweet, describing it as “very disturbing” in a back-and-forth.

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As Murphy noted on Twitter, “He is going to keep talking like this, and some people are going to listen and do what he requests.”

The concept of a civil war in the United States did not originate with Trump. The president’s longtime supporter, a well-known and controversial Texas preacher, was mentioned instead.

Please clarify: If Trump warns that the Democrats will do everything to get power, he is mistaken. If you believe the Democrats are prepared to risk a civil war in order to remove Trump, you are not permitted to tell others about it. As far as I can tell, the Democrats are starting a full-scale takeover of the country. The authoritarians must be stopped before they take over the world. Our children will grow up in a hellscape if we don’t act now, and we need to act PEACEFULLY.

The President is still in the White House, and he’s working around the clock to restore America to its former glory!!