Trump Exposes Bill Barr & His Role In Facilitating Election Theft

ALMOST 4,000 CONSERVATIVES gathered in Dallas, Texas, for the CPAC conference, which was dubbed “AMERICA UNCANCELED.” PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP delivered his speech to an enthralled audience.

Our National Motto, In God We Trust, serves as a guide for how we conduct our lives: “The Republican Party has genuinely transformed into the party of the working man and woman.” These are the characteristics that must characterize the Republican Party. Take a look at how many people are signing up. Five years ago, you were in serious difficulty.

In 2022, we aspire to achieve a historic triumph. Our country will soon be able to take pride in holding free elections. The presidential election in 2020 is the most talked-about topic right now, according to polls. “We will rescue this nation if we work together,” Trump said.

The audience was waiting for him to make a decision on running in 2024 and to provide an update on his class-action lawsuit against Big Tech, which was just launched. By telling media outlets like Right Side Broadcasting to prepare for Trump’s speech on election integrity in 2021 rather than 2024, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has established expectations for his company’s clients.

The audience chants the USA! The USA! That the false media had declared Texas was in “play” meant Trump would lose, Trump, remarked in his opening remarks. Trump Texas

I hate to tell it, but Bill Barr could never prosecute anybody for spying on our campaign, creating a bogus dossier, defaming Bret Kavanagh, multiple felonies, criminal referrals for lying to Congress, unlawful leakers, or tampering with our elections. He was adamantly opposed, which is natural. He changed when Democrats predicted he’d be impeached. I was twice impeached and became worse.

Barr will not authorize a PA US attorney to look into voting fraud. It was just a letter. This was not reported by the Justice Department. Votes were packed. “Let’s see what happens in court,” Trump said.

“Barr saw nothing. No, no, no, no water main ruptured. Trump alleged a water break notice prompted Republican poll watchers to leave the room where counting was occurring.

Attorney General Drops Interim Report Showing Proof Trump Won 2020 Election

“We received 12 million more votes than Biden,” Trump told the gathering. Democratic vitriol. They wanted to impeach him, but now he votes Democrat. The hearing was the most savage in American history.”

loud applause as Trump descended the escalator with his future, First Lady. That’s when the witch hunts began because I placed America First, MAGA, and more votes, 75 Million in history. I received 12 million more than Obama and Clinton before 2016. The fact that I lost strengthened our movement.”

“We shall defeat radical socialists and CRTs. We will reestablish free speech and fair elections and make America great again. That this is the largest political movement in history is without dispute. You never stopped fighting for me, and I swear I will never stop fighting for you.

And, for now, it was Republicans who sought to defund the cops, which never occurred.

“Let’s keep it simple- MAGA! “MAGA,” Trump said. He supported the 2nd Amendment. Liberals and Democrats want to repeal every amendment. Joining me in a massive class-action lawsuit. “We sued Facebook, Twitter, and Google.”

The speech became viral online.

Trump referred to the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal. It was said that the laptop included proof of bribes and other offenses.

“Voting is a pretty negative thing in our nation, and people know it. Georgian authorities let us down. Even though people believe it’s getting better, their new legislation makes it easier. “The government targets them because they are easy targets,” Trump remarked.

Trump attacked Joe Biden’s cognitive deterioration and the mandatory consent decree, which the Georgia legislature didn’t adopt.

“What occurred disgraced our country, and we are despised. We are by far the majority. You will know by looking at their policies. The left is constantly against us. The extreme left lies about polls and seeks to suppress the vote. In 2016, when ABC news had me down 19 points, I won the state. The same folks. We surprised them in 2016 and the people are with us. 58 percent of Americans say the media is their adversary.

Pre-Trump polls revealed that if Trump ran for President, 70% would vote for him, and if Trump didn’t, Ron Desantis was the second-best alternative for the Conservatives. Mike Pence received 0–1%.