This is The End- Justice Thomas Delivers Devastating News

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas cautioned that the leak of the Supreme Court draft ruling that will terminate Roe v. Wade might be the end of the Supreme Court as we know it.

The leak was like “infidelity,” he said at a black conservative convention on Friday, Politico reported.

If we continue to weaken these institutions at the pace we are, “I question how long we’ll have these institutions at all, and then I worry when they’re gone or destabilized what we will have as a nation and I don’t believe the prospects are bright if we continue to lose them,” Justice added.

It significantly alters an institution when you lose faith in it, and this is particularly true in the one where I work.” You catch yourself looking behind you. As he put it, “It’s like an adultery — you can explain it but you can’t repair it.”

Since his confirmation in 1991, a question was made by an audience member as to whether or not the Supreme Court has changed since his appointment.

“This is not the court from that time period. Ruth Ginsburg, a well-known liberal judge, was a pleasant coworker for over 30 years. Although we had our share of problems, we were a family nevertheless,” the Justice said.

It’s your overall attitude and your future on the bench that’s the problem, he remarked to anybody who could have a tendency to leak information.

He also criticized the rallies that have taken place outside the residences of conservative Justices since the leak was made public.

Even when things went against us, you would never visit Supreme Court judges’ homes.” We didn’t lose our cool. We have an obligation to behave responsibly at all times and not give back what has been taken from us.


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A leaked draft ruling that claims to eliminate Roe V Wade’s safeguards for abortion enraged demonstrators last week, and homas has responded by hammering the protesters.

“The court cannot be forced into doing what certain individuals want them to do,” Associate Justice Antonin Scalia remarked at a judicial conference on Friday, according to Reuters.

There is a danger, according to the Justice, that “we are hooked to desiring specific results, not dealing with the consequences we do not like.”

“We can’t be a place where you can bully us into doing what you want us to do. He pointed to the incidents that occurred earlier this week as evidence of the problem.

John Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, addressed at the same conference and indicated that the leak was “very horrible,” but that the ultimate judgment would not be affected by it.

“A leak of this magnitude is really unacceptable,” he remarked. “It’s simply ridiculous if the guy behind it believes it would damage our job.”

It was announced on Tuesday that Supreme Court Chief Justice Clarence Thomas has asked his Marshal to take action in light of the leaked document published by Politico.

In a pending case, an opinion draft that was released by a news agency only the other day was an eye-opener. The Supreme Court’s secret deliberation process requires that draft opinions be circulated among the justices as a matter of course. According to a press statement, “The document detailed in yesterday’s reports is real but does not reflect a decision by the Court or the view of any member on the matters in this case.”