Shocking!!! Demonstrators storm Nancy Pelosi’s San Fransico house Mansion, find out why!

Protesters have reacted once more to a different visit of the Speaker of the House Representatives to a hair salon, by rallying outside her San Francisco home.

How long will these so-called leaders continue to insult us by giving us these rules and regulations while they continue to skirt and break them?

The incident took place after Nancy’s first visit to eSalonSF salon which she conveniently called a setup instead of admitting to her mistake and now, here she goes again slapping us across the face.

Fox News reported that the protest occurred after Pelosi was caught on camera getting her hair cut inside, even though it was closed due to coronavirus regulations and restrictions.

“What she has done is a slap on the face of not just a salon owner but every woman, every man and every person who is unemployed in the state of California who has lost their jobs and lost their livelihoods many of whom are my friends,”

Hair Salons and other service-based businesses in San Francisco had been closed since March. They were only allowed to reopen on Sept. 1 for outdoor services only including hairstyling services. So, why would she take that chance?
First, there is supposed to be covid out there; and she can certainly afford home hairstyling services considering how fat her bank accounts must be after all the bribes she has accumulated over the years. The only thing I can think of is; that she wants the people to see her breaking the law! as if to say, I am above you and do not need to follow the same rules you do.

The Agitators, whom some have described as, ‘angry salon customers,’ certainly got their message across with their graphic and somewhat comic fashion choices at the rally. They wore curlers in their hair while others adorned blow dryers and hair curlers on the branches of a tree outside the residence to demonstrate their frustration.

A protester told KRON TV: Pelosi has said that she takes responsibility for “falling for a set up” at the salon.

while Pelosi said,
“I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighbourhood salon that I’ve been to over the years many times when they said we’re able to accommodate people, one person, at a time,”

Pelosi bishop has called for a campaign of prayer and fasting for her conversion of heart on abortion.

The archbishop of San Fransisco called for a “massive and visible campaign of prayer and fasting”. HE said the purpose of the exercise is to somehow affect a change in speaker Nanci Pelosi’s heart in what pro-lifers have called ‘radical’ abortion legislation.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said in a statement Wednesday.
“I Witnessed the Speaker of the House of Representatives’ passage of HR 3755, which would impose abortion on demand nationwide at any stage of pregnancy,”

“A conversion of heart of the majority of our congressional representatives is needed on this issue, beginning with the leader of the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I am therefore inviting all Catholics to join in a massive and visible campaign of prayer and fasting for Speaker Pelosi: commit to praying one rosary a week and fasting on Fridays for her conversion of heart.”