Sarah Sanders returns!!Devastating News for Biden

The current state of the US Economy is a far cry from what we had under President Trump; it wasn’t exactly perfect but at least the hardworking middle class americans could afford rent, groceries and put gas in their cars and not have to choose one and leave out the rest. Since Biden came to power, he was effectively succeeded in reversing all the Economic strides the Nation had taken under president Trump and put the nation right on the same ugly path it was under obama.

With november elections quickly approaching, Democrats need all the help they ca get; although I doubt they’ll get any since they’re experts in budget creation and allocation, but miserable at actually making the funds available in the first place.

The left thought they could breathe easy thinking Sarah Hucklebee was out the picture and out of commission but how wrong they are seeing as she’s still moving full steam ahead now more than ever. A motivated Sarah Sanders made an appearance on OUCH! where she went straight for the jugular. She smashed Biden’s inflation with Jesse Watters in a barrage None-feelings-caring facts:

“Inflation is a pay cut for every single american,” she said while speaking to Jesse watters on OUCH!. “its hurting the middle class the most. All the people you just showed who are struggling whether or not to fill up their gas tank or buy groceries and having to pick and choose- they are losing their freedoms as americans”

Of course, this should come as no surprise to anyone that a conservative gubernatorial candidate actually cares for people and doesn’t just use big words to convince and confuse everyone into believing they have a divine right to rule like the Democrats are known for. She further illustrated that a nursing mother should never be subjected to the anxiety that comes with being unable to find baby formula for her newborn and in the United States for that matter. “it is disgraceful. t is absolutely embarrassing’.

she further stated what we’ve all been thinking for years… that instead of trying and failing to decieve anyone, and continiously putting blame on the individuals strained the most by the economy, he should step up and take responsibility for his failure and incompetence. She also drew attention to the fact that Biden administration has been a plague who decimates everything it touches.


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She expressed without mincing words her complete astonishment at the level incompetence portrayed by president Biden. she said the administration not only has no clue how to fix the economy, they also have no intention of stopping it anytime soon.

She sent out a call for all powerful conservatives to push back against the federal government.

she explained that this is one of the reasons she decided to run for governor, ” we have to make sure we have a coalition of strong conservative governors who will resist this current downward spiral and instead make some progress in the end. “it is why I’m hopeful that conservatives will take the house and senate in the Races come November and stop the extravagant, out of control and reckless spending currently going on at the feederal level.

Meanwhile, Biden alerted democratic donors last wednesday at a fundraiser in chicago that due to the decade high inflation the country is currently facing, the democratic house will probably suffer a huge number of losing on all levels because people are scared.

After outlining all the obvious reasons they’ll definitely be licking their wounds after that election, Biden proceeded to give a weak mundane speech about doing their best because they have to.