Sarah Huckabee Sanders WINS Arkansas GOP Primary

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been proclaimed the Republican gubernatorial primary winner in Arkansas.

Sanders, who served as President Donald Trump’s press secretary, won the Republican nomination on Tuesday night.

Sanders criticized President Joe Biden and his administration after voting early on Tuesday.

“I believe it is necessary to pay attention to the Biden administration’s awful policies and failures, as well as the impact they have on our state,” Sanders said. “If they continue to fail in the same way that they have and continue to, I believe, put states in a terrible situation, we will surely call them out and continue to talk about it.”

Unless something unforeseen happens, Sanders is on track to win the general election in November and become Arkansas’ next governor.

“Only a Martian invasion could prevent Sarah Sanders from becoming governor of Arkansas,” Arkansas Republican strategist Bill Vickery stated as he recounted Sanders’ campaign’s success.

Sanders has a “fundamental connection to voters,” according to Vickery, because she has been in the public spotlight since she was a child.

Mike Huckabee, her father, was the governor of Arkansas before becoming a prominent figure in conservative media.

“She grew up in Arkansas in front of everyone.” “The vast majority of Arkansas voters, who are Republican, witnessed what they considered was severe maltreatment of her from the national press corps, and pop culture characters — they watched her withstand that,” Vickery stated as a spokesman for President Trump.



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President Trump also gave Sanders a great endorsement.

“Warrior who will always fight for the people of Arkansas and do what is right, not what is politically correct,” Trump previously said of her.

Asa Hutchinson, the outgoing governor of Arkansas, has also endorsed Sanders.

“I’ve known Sarah Huckabee Sanders most of her life and know firsthand her passion for our state and her heart for public service,” Hutchinson said in a statement. Sarah has won the Republican nomination, and I’m proud to support her for Governor today. With Sarah as Governor, the state of Arkansas will be in good hands, and she has my complete support.”

“I am thrilled to have Governor Hutchinson’s support and endorsement.” I appreciate his efforts to decrease taxes and lay the groundwork for future growth and prosperity. “I will continue his work to cut and phase out the state income tax and unleash bold, conservative changes that will create opportunity for all Arkansans as governor,” Sanders said of Hutchinson’s backing.