Obama On the Run As Durham Makes HUGE Announcement

In addition to receiving 130,000 pages of fresh evidence, Durham is expecting another 492,000 pages to be added to his probe of John Durham. Durham said no less than three times in his update on the Sussmann prosecution that his team is undertaking a comprehensive investigation that will include more than just Sussmann’s case in its entirety.

He is collecting his information from the FBI’s internal investigations files. If Durham can demonstrate collaboration in the attempt to remove Trump from office after failing to rob him of the election using fabricated “facts,” he may be charged with conspiracy.

For a long time, I, like with many others, assumed that Durham was a bust. However, as more and more court filings pile up, and as more papers are obtained by the Special Counsel, I am beginning to question that conviction. According to what we know, Joe Biden proposed that Gen Michael Flynn be investigated under the Espionage Act. He’s likely to have attended several additional meetings as well. What was it that he knew or did?

Donald Trump Sues Hillary Clinton And Other Democrats Over Russian Collusion Allegations

According to the Washington Times, there are:

Throughout his 19-page statement, Mr. Durham informs the court that his team is conducting an “active, ongoing criminal investigation” that is not restricted to the defendant, former Hillary Clinton campaign legal advisor Michael A. Sussmann.”

According to PJ Media

As recently as this week’s court papers reveal, Durham has acquired access to a considerable quantity of FBI internal affairs data in his pursuit of the Obama administration’s efforts to spread fabricated claims against Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. In their dishonest probe of anti-Trump claims, dubbed Crossfire Hurricane, the Obama administration relied heavily on the discredited Christopher Steele dossier, which was paid for by members of the Democratic Party.

Raleigh Durham was appointed to the position of special counsel in December 2020 to prevent the inquiry, which started when Durham served as an Assistant United States Attorney, from being canceled by the Biden administration. During his first few weeks in office, Joe Biden dismissed all of President Donald Trump’s nominees for United States Attorneys.


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Joe Biden, who has been embroiled in the controversy, will undoubtedly be disappointed by this development. During his confirmation hearings, U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland declined to make any commitments on the protection of the Durham probe.

According to reports, Durham already has access to more than 130,000 pages of fresh data, with an additional 492,000 pages due shortly. It is far more difficult for a president to dismiss a special counsel than it is for a United States attorney. If Biden and Garland seek to block the probe in the future, it will be quite fascinating to watch how things turn out.