Michelle Obama Implicated in fresh Jussie Smollet Scandal

Many celebrities and Democrats backed actor Jussie Smollett before he was convicted of five felony charges of lying to police about a hate crime he said was committed by Trump supporters.

According to The Daily Mail, former First Lady Michelle Obama may be the most closely linked to the disgraced actor.

Due to the efforts of the Chicago District Attorney, the original charges against Jussie Smollett were dismissed.

At the insistence of MeToo advocate and former Michelle Obama assistant Tina Tchen, Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx sought to urge the FBI to take up the probe days after the assault, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Smollett’s supporters feared local officers wouldn’t take his alleged attack seriously, so Fox worked to get the feds involved.

She then complained to her deputy that the additional accusations against Smollett were unfair and that ‘just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should.’ The deputy allegedly answered that they would ‘take a careful look’ at how they should prosecute the case.

For fabricating the incident, the actor faced 16 charges of submitting a fake police report and up to 48 years in jail.

Prosecutors dropped the charges in return for a $10,000 bail and community service.

Foxx advocated for the FBI to handle the investigation while Smollett was still considered a victim, at Tchen’s request.

USA Today discovered texts between Foxx and Tchen in which the former Michelle Obama assistant urged the FBI to take the case.

“Spoke to Superintendent Johnson,” Foxx wrote to Tchen in an email. “I persuaded him to contact the FBI and request their assistance.”

Foxx also messaged a redacted family member of Smollett.

“Asked the superintendent earlier,” Foxx added. “Working out logistics. “I’ll update you.”

Unnamed relative: “Omg this would be a tremendous victory.”

“I make no promises, but I try,” Foxx said.

Rahm Emanuel, the former Chicago mayor at the time of the event, was enraged when the charges against the actor were dropped.

“This isn’t right. This is making us all seem foolish,” he said “Good Morning America.”

“He misused Chicago and committed a crime here.” “He lied,” he said.

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“He wanted to clarify his name. “Let’s get to the bottom of this,” Smollett added.

The Chicago Police Union president, Kevin Graham, was enraged and sought Foxx’s resignation.

A vote of no confidence was taken by the FOP in Chicago, as well as the police chiefs across Cook County, he claimed on the Fox News broadcast “America’s Newsroom” in April 2019.

A jury convicted Smollett guilty of five of six felony counts on Tuesday.

In the wake of Smollett’s conviction, some drew a link between

Jussie nearly got off because of Michelle Obama and crooked Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx. They were involved in covering up Jussie’s hate crime, even if they weren’t accused or convicted,” author Dinesh D’Souza stated.