Leaked Emails From Maricopa County REVEALS 2020 Election Voter Fraud

The Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer expressed his fears about voting fraud and unethical elections officials in newly disclosed emails from November 2019. The emails were sent before the rigged 2020 election, and they were just published.

Shelby Busch, of the We the People AZ Alliance, presented The Gateway Pundit with copies of emails between Stephen Richer and her throughout the campaign.

Stephen Richer was appointed by the Arizona Republican Party to conduct an election audit after major concerns about voter fraud and election law breaches during the 2018 midterm elections. He was unable to conclude because of the failure of then Recorder Adrian Fontes to deliver required papers, which is similar to what Stephen Richer is doing now.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the Maricopa County Recorder’s office has refused to cooperate with the Arizona Attorney General’s criminal investigation into the fake 2020 election, despite his repeated efforts.

In 2020, Recorder Stephen Richer stood for election on the identical platform as his predecessor. Adrian Fontes, the former Maricopa County Recorder, is described as a “criminal” by the candidate.

Richer penned the following letter a year before his election:

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It has been further eroded by the fact that Fontes has not provided a comprehensive explanation for his conduct during the election, and his office has refused to provide papers in answer to the several records requests made by the Republican Party and its surrogate (myself).”

In these emails, Richer outlines his worries about ballot harvesting, signature verifications, human bias, duplication of votes, voter register upkeep, and election fraud policies that he believes are in place to facilitate fraud.

According to Richer, we should “just toss it away since the human inspection is an imperfect art” in the case of vote duplication owing to illegible ballots. He goes on to say that if a voter’s ballot is illegible, it is most likely due to the person.

Richer even expressed support for door-to-door canvassing activities after the election. In his most recent email, Richer states that the easiest method to determine whether or not someone resides at the address from which they voted is to travel to the house and canvass it.

Additionally, according to the Gateway Pundit, Stephen Richer was exposed for not believing that Dominion would be utilized in a subsequent election.

Maricopa County, as well as election fraud denialists, have taken a strong position against these notions. They have even claimed that post-election canvassing is the same as “voter intimidation,” which is false.

Stephen Richer was elected president of the United States in 2020, but he refused to investigate the rigging of the election.

Was he just attempting to sway people with his speech, or did he receive a bribe upon gaining office?

Stephen Richer’s explanation of why voting fraud is not a myth may be found here.