Lauren Boebert Crushes Democrats During Baby Formula Shortage, ‘Clowns Are Running The Circus’

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican, is not one to take light jabs when it comes to fighting for what is right, and she went all out when it came to the abortion issue.

It happened after Fox News host Dan Bongino showed a video of pro-abortion activist Aimee Arrambide suggesting that guys can become pregnant.

“How do you define a woman?” Rep. Dan Bishop, R-North Carolina, is the executive director of the pro-abortion organization Avow Texas.

She responded, “I believe that everyone can identify for themselves.”

The representative pressed, “Do you believe that guys may become pregnant and have abortions?”

“Yes,” she confirmed.

This question would have been ludicrous to ask while former President Bill Clinton was in office, but this is how far the Democrats have come, according to Bongino.

“The circus is run by clowns.” It’s as simple as that. We have a baby formula shortage now that guys can become pregnant. I wish we could return to a time when guys were not encouraged to become pregnant so that we could feed the children.

“Leave it to a philosophy major to tell Congress that men can have children. “Anyone who claims that biological guys can have children is a dog-faced pony soldier,” she stated.

“Watching this happen was perplexing,” she remarked. “Drawing out what these lefties’ true philosophy is.”

“Democrats are oblivious to reality.” They believe that males can become pregnant and have children, and that men should participate in women’s sports. The border is said to be closed. Their solution to the formula dilemma is to hold a race with the FDA, which is to blame for the crisis… We’ve already given them a billion dollars in bailouts, plus another $100 million. They now require an additional $28 million. I’m sick of Nancy Pelosi’s con game, where bills are titled one way but don’t address the issue. “I would definitely vote yes a heck of a lot more if the laws we voted on in Congress matched their titles,” she added. these socialists.”

Rep. Boebert tore a strip off Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot earlier this month after she issued a “call to arms” in response to a leaked Supreme Court document purporting to overturn Roe v. Wade.


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The besieged Chicago mayor made her “call to arms” as protests raged outside the houses of some of the Supreme Court’s conservative members, and Catholic churches were destroyed.

“To my LGBTQ+ community friends, the Supreme Court is coming for us next.” “This must be a rallying cry,” she wrote in a tweet.

“We will not give up our rights without a battle—a victory struggle!” she declared.

Conservatives responded quickly.

Tim Young stated, “The Mayor of America’s most dangerous city is here to worry about woke crap instead of people genuinely dying in the streets there…”

Rep. Boebert simply called her a “Insurrectionist” after that.

“Pardon me. You’re a rebel at heart. “Not ours,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tweeted.

Rep. Boebert was prompted by the tweet to drop a bomb on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“This past weekend, six people were killed and 18 more were injured in your city. So far this year, there have been nearly 200 killings. Hack, go fix your city,” she advised.

She wasn’t the only conservative who was enraged by Mayor Lightfoot’s actions.

Tim Young stated, “The Mayor of America’s most dangerous city is here to worry about woke crap instead of people genuinely dying in the streets there…”

“You despise the Second Amendment and guns.” “How are you going to fight?” Beth Baumann expressed herself.

“This is complete nonsense, @LoriLightfoot, and you already know it. In its ‘leaked’ opinion, the court made this extremely apparent. For calling for the death of Americans, you should be arrested. Monica Matthews said, “LIAR.”

“OK, @Twitter, it’s time to unfollow Lori Lightfoot. Five Times August, a conservative band, argued, “Those are the regulations.”

“The Mayor of Murder Capital USA has issued a ‘call to arms,’” conservative radio presenter Erick Erickson stated.