Kamala Harris Humiliated, Horrific Video shows all

When you hear Kamala Harris talk, it’s easy to get the impression that she’s only one step away from the president, which may be a very unsettling prospect.

She twisted a paragraph on climate change on Friday, when the White House was hosting the ASEAN conference. As a result, the hashtag #WordSaladKamala began trending on Twitter.

When it comes to the current state of the climate problem, this is particularly true. Which is why we will work together, and continue to work together, to solve these concerns, to handle these difficulties, and to work together as we continue to work working from the new norms, regulations, and agreements that we will gather to work together on. We will also continue to work together. In order to stimulate action on a worldwide scale. With that, I would want to thank everyone. For all of us, the utmost urgency is required in this situation. “And I am certain that we will collaborate,” she continued.

In the span of 22 milliseconds, she spoke the phrase “operate together” five times and once used the word “galvanize” as a synonym, but she never really went beyond that.

And the video could be even more disturbing than the text, which is already rather disturbing.

“#WordSaladKamala has me wondering if the White House needs to have its oxygen levels checked. Obviously some deprivation going on between this and ‘It’s just a stutter’ Joe,” another said.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s comparison of Vice President Kamala Harris’s speaking errors to President Joe Biden’s health was eerily similar.

Pelosi Family corp recieved $737,000,000 from Obama’s Energy Department

On Fox News, Newt Gingrich remarked on Sean Hannity: “the passage of time” statements by Harris in Louisiana, when she repeated the phrase at least four times in the period of one-minute, demonstrate Harris’s incoherence.

You’re reminded once again today that the region is the vice president, so you have good cause to pray for President Obama’s health. There is some coherence to this. While he may be experiencing cognitive loss, “she’s plain stupid at her age,” Gingrich remarked.

“Let’s get this straight. Kamala Harris may be the most incompetent vice president elected in the history of the United States. And for this reason, employees continue to leave their positions. How would you feel as a national security adviser if you saw her in Poland break out in laughter when she was questioned about Ukrainian migrants, and you worked hard and understood what you were doing? You’d be humiliated to the core. As a result, I was not shocked when this adviser announced his resignation. It is evident that Kamala Harris should never be permitted to leave the country,” he continued.

“Kamala Harris is the most self-destructive national political figure I’ve ever seen, and that includes vice presidents. When she is questioned about the migrants from Ukraine at a news conference, she bursts into laughter, and you can see it in her face. While in Poland, she had her national security adviser with her and he must have been humiliated and discouraged by seeing her burst into laughter as she spoke about the Ukrainian refugees she had met. What other things have you seen her do?” he continued.

Spiro Agnew’s replacement created the scene for Nixon’s replacement when he was removed, Gingrich said. “I believed that she was an insurance policy to make sure that no one sought to replace Biden no matter how terrible his cognitive difficulties were,” Gingrich said.

I believe most Americans recognize that the possibility of her being president really is terrible. And I have a suspicion she is on a very, very short fuse right now,” he concluded. It’s bad enough that Biden may be president despite his obvious disconnect from reality, but the prospect of being succeeded by Kamala Harris is beyond terrifying.