Joe Biden in SHOCK as over 74 million Americans demand a vote recount

In cities across the country, Trump supporters are lobbying for his re-election.

US President Donald Trump reaffirmed his accusations of widespread voter fraud and electoral malpractice in the presidential election, telling supporters that his goal was to restore Americans’ faith in the election and future elections.

Even though some key states were still tabulating results, we saw a coordinated attempt to name a winner just days after the election. It is critical to continue the constitutional process. We will ensure that every legal ballot is counted and that no illegal ballots are counted, Trump declared at a White House Christmas Party on Tuesday.

At a public meeting last week, a lawyer from Detroit warned Cheboygan County commissioners that the voting machines used in 2020 may “flip” ballots and wreck an election. She offered to send a “forensic team” to the county at no expense to inspect ballots and scanners.

Fans of former President Donald Trump screamed “Stop the Steal!” in Windham, New Hampshire, and demanded that officials choose their preferred auditor to investigate a 400-vote disparity in a state representative election.


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Scores of individuals questioned whether voting machines had correctly recorded their ballots during a board of supervisors meeting in San Luis Obispo County, on California’s Central Coast, on May 4, with many calling for a “forensic audit.”

Trump’s continuous attacks on the 2020 election are beginning to show their effects across the country: Despite the fact that Trump won the presidential election, his supporters are contesting how their elections are run and encouraging public officials to reevaluate the vote count via emails, phone calls, and public rallies.

The most visible example is in Maricopa County, Arizona, where Republican state lawmakers have ordered a widely criticized audit of the 2020 election. Small but outspoken groups of disgruntled people in areas around the country are hailing the recount as an inspiration.

“I believe there is a good rationale for the type of audit that Maricopa County is conducting.” Ken Eyring, a local activist in Windham who recently spoke at a rally with former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, said, “That’s what I wanted to see done here.” Eyring stated that his sole objective is to ensure that Windham’s machines are correct.

A loose network of lawyers, self-proclaimed election experts, and political organizations are bolstering community efforts behind the scenes by demanding audits, filing lawsuits, and making bogus claims that locals are echoing in public forums. Much of it is taking place in Republican-leaning communities, where Trump supporters hope to find officials willing to help them with their investigations.