Hillary Weeps as She BEGS Court To Drop Durham Case

In the past two weeks, one of the most significant stories in recent years, if not decades, has begun to emerge… mostly in the ‘alternative media.’ Although websites such as ours were not the first to break the news or outwit the mainstream media, it is the mainstream media that has mostly neglected to highlight Durham’s shocking revelations.

A new development in the story involves Michael Sussmann, whose attorneys are demanding that the court dismiss Durham’s complaint against the counselor, according to the New York Times.

As reported by the New York Post, there has been a significant development in the tale that has gripped the nation this week:

Special counsel John Durham’s case against Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign lawyer was dismissed on Thursday, according to the attorneys representing Clinton’s presidential campaign. The attorneys called the case “extreme prosecutorial overreach.”

When he was accused of lying to an FBI agent about his involvement with the Clinton presidential campaign in 2016, the lawyer, Michael Sussmann, was charged last year in Durham’s Trump-Russia investigation after he was accused of lying to an FBI agent about involvement with the Clinton presidential campaign in 2016.

Sussmann’s legal team contended in the request to dismiss that he had not made any false statements to the FBI and that prosecutors were pursuing him solely based on a procedural error.

Sussmann’s attorneys claimed that Sussmann willingly met with FBI investigators in September 2016 to “send along material that aroused concerns about national security.”

Sussmann had expressed his worries to the FBI about alleged relationships between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank, which was investigated by the bureau. Further investigation revealed that the alleged digital fingerprints were most likely the consequence of spam email.

According to him, he met with the FBI to deliver a tip. According to the indictment, there is no accusation that the information he gave was untrue. The motion states that “there is no allegation that he had any reason to assume the tip he supplied was incorrect.”


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According to Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit, the following happened:

This past weekend, Durham published documents that showed Hillary’s staff, which included Sussmann, was spying on President Donald Trump, as well as other members of the United States government. The majority of Americans feel that eavesdropping on the President is a serious concern that should not be ignored.

However, when seen in the context of the larger plan of trying to assassinate President Obama, Sussmann’s acts may very well be considered significant, even if his actions were unimportant to the great conspiracy itself.

Sussmann and Hillary are not going to like this. This is the reason he wants to get out of it as soon as possible.’

It is ironic that as soon as the government employs the tactics that they used against Hillary’s enemies against her lawyers, there are cries of ‘not fair’ and complaints about how he ‘voluntarily met with FBI agents.’ Ironically, there are cries of ‘not fair’ and complaints about how he ‘voluntarily met with FBI agents.’ Do you think the shoe feels any better on the other foot, Michael, or do you think it feels worse?

Whatever the case may be, it all boils down to the kind of judge who will hear the arguments and make the final judgment.

That we can no longer rely on the “fourth estate” to keep the government responsible is a sad development. Instead, the media has evolved into a public relations arm for politicians who are members of ‘the club,’ as the saying goes…