GOP Pushes 25th Amendment to remove Biden after HUGE Leaks

On social media, there has been widespread speculation about removing President Joe Biden from office after he made a series of remarks supporting Russia’s intensification of its invasion of Ukraine.

According to Biden’s address in Poland, American soldiers would witness the “backbone” and “guts” of Ukraine’s people “when you’re there,” hinting that the United States will deploy troops in Ukraine.

After Biden finished his speech on Saturday, many assumed that the United States was lobbying for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to be removed from power.

For God’s sake, Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power,” the president said of the Russian leader.

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Immediately after Biden’s address, the White House stated, “The President stressed that Putin cannot be permitted to exert power over his neighbors or the region.” He wasn’t discussing Putin’s rule in Russia or the possibility of a regime transition there.”

The 25th Amendment was mentioned by several high-profile Twitter users after this.

“Biden now begins with some lame effort at humor – FOR THE SECOND TIME. A bit unsettling to consider that this man is supposedly in charge of the free world at now. My political party does not want this to be a political statement. There are several bad repercussions, as noted by David Limbaugh in an interview published on Saturday. “This is risky, and there are many more.”

To be honest, Limbaugh said, the 25th Amendment was drafted just for instances like this one with Biden. “However, there are at least two reasons why this may not happen. Managers will always be in power, and Kamala [Harris], who is not mentally ill but is just dumb, maybe considerably more dangerous.”

Author Max Abrahms tweeted on Saturday, “Yesterday, Biden declared American forces had been fighting in Ukraine & more are heading there.” “Today, Vice President Biden said that the United States strategy toward Russia is aimed at regime change. Recall that when Trump drank water or carefully went down ramps, the media called for the 25th Amendment.

“Imagine if President Trump had inexplicably notified U.S. troops that they were being dispatched to invade Russia,” said international policy pundit Clint Ehrlich. “Make a mental picture of it!” Courtrooms could only produce the claim that he is mentally incompetent and must be removed from office following the 25th Amendment. To a similar degree, Joe Biden repeated himself earlier in the day. However, he has the media’s full backing…

Posobiec, host, and pundit, said, “Take the keys away” when it was implied that Biden had informed the soldiers that they would be headed to Ukraine.

“President Biden calling for regime change in Russia, then the White House ludicrously saying that’s not what we all heard him just say, is an incredibly dangerous mistake which Putin will ruthlessly exploit,” host Piers Morgan said.