President Joe Biden is in hot water after a calculated maneuver backfired, destabilizing the Democratic Party’s strategy ahead of the midterm elections.

A federal judge sent Biden and other top Democrats into a frenzy after agreeing with Republican attorneys that the Biden administration’s efforts to repeal Title 42, a Trump-era measure that permitted the government to quickly deport illegal migrants due to the COVID outbreak, must be postponed.

By permitting illegal migrants to enter and wander our country, the Biden administration has breached every immigration rule in the books.

Because the pandemic is over, it would be the right move to repeal Title 42, but the Biden administration wants to do so so that they can allow anyone and everyone who wants to enter our country illegally to do so in the hopes of becoming citizens overnight and voting Democrat, making the United States a one-party country like California was before the last amnesty.


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Given the capacity of aliens crossing the border to roam freely from one state to another, the Court agrees with the Plaintiff States that a nationwide injunction is required for complete relief,” Judge Robert Summerhays wrote in his opinion.

Title 42 was created during the Trump administration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was used to expel immigrants without having to go through the red tape that had been purposefully created over decades by both parties, but primarily by Democrats, to allow illegal aliens to remain in the country’s interior.

“Today’s decision is a big victory because Title 42 is one of the few policies that is actually working.” “I’m grateful to the court for supporting the rule of law and helping us maintain some sanity as we fight the Biden-created border catastrophe,” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement.

You can’t utilize a COVID pandemic to steal an election by feigning the need for mail-in ballots, then claim that you don’t need to screen illegals entering the nation for COVID and simply let them in. That is exactly what is happening here. What type of president would treat his people like that?