Federal Court Embarrasses Biden!

ICYMI, Our final line of defense against tyranny is the courts, and fortunately, some are still pure…

On Thursday, a federal appeals court decided that Biden’s racist policy of barring whites from obtaining help money from the $1.9 trillion Covid rescue measure was unconstitutional. Only minorities were entitled for the relief money, according to Biden and his supporters.

They are unconcerned, however, and will continue to give minorities the majority of the funds. That’s something you can take to the bank with you.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that barring white people violates their Fourteenth Amendment rights, according to Glenn Greenwald’s Substack.

They are to be granted equal legal protection. People believe it is a farce to exclude Blacks and Hispanics, but it is never deemed racist to ban whites.

According to Greenwald,

“The provision that was knocked down was part of the law’s $29 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund grant program for small, privately owned eateries that were struggling to pay payroll and rent because of the COVID problem.”

“In March, the law, which was almost entirely enacted on a party-line vote, granted preferential status to restaurants with 51 percent or more ownership made up of particular racial and cultural groups, as well as women.”

“By effectively relegating failing enterprises owned by white males or ethnicities and nationalities excluded from a priority designation ‘to the back of the line,’ the COVID relief program went afoul of core constitutional rights,’ declared the court in a 2-1 ruling.”

The issue is that they have limited funding, so after minorities have received their funds, whites must wait to see if there is any money left for them.


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One man operates a restaurant with his Hispanic wife, but she was not allowed to be evaluated since she owns 50% of the business rather than 51 percent.

The Daily Wire has the story.

The government’s “scattershot approach” to identifying who qualified as a “socially and economically disadvantaged” group was criticized by Judge Amul Thapar, who was appointed to the appellate court by President Donald Trump and wrote the majority judgment in this case.

“[I]ndividuals with Pakistani or Indian background are eligible for preferential treatment.” Those from Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq, on the other hand, do not. Chinese, Japanese, and Hong Kong residents are all eligible. Tunisians, Libyans, and Moroccans, on the other hand, do not,” he stated.