FBI Declassified Internal White House Documents Confirms our Worst Fears

On every day of his presidency, Donald Trump did what he felt was best for America. However, if we are honest, the guy did make a tremendous error.

Most of such blunders were committed to selecting federal officials. To be fair, he had to get Senate approval for his appointees, so he had certain limitations.

Trump also had to cope with a swarm of renegade vipers and swindlers on all sides.

His worst mistakes include naming Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, William Barr as Secretary of State, and most importantly, Christopher Wray as FBI Director.

The FBI has always been a political influence and compromises organization, but under Comey and now Wray, it has gone banana republic.

Instead of improving things, the FBI has become the most totalitarian agency in America.

With papers acquired by Fox News, the FBI’s abuse of our constitutional rights is shown…

Fox News said:

A recently released Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judgment indicated “widespread” FISA infractions, prompting questions from Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs.

The FBI got a FISA order against former Trump campaign staffer Carter Page. Last year, Wray told Congress that the procedures employed to get the FISA order were “unacceptable.”

But this week, the ODNI released a FISC ruling, which Jordan and Biggs’s claim shows the FBI “has been substantially and consistently misusing its warrantless electronic surveillance power.”

Although the ruling described the FBI’s “apparent pervasive violations” of privacy regulations when conducting surveillance under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, it had nothing to do with Page’s disputed FISA warrant.

They emailed Wray on Tuesday, “requesting details concerning the FBI’s unlawful espionage activities.”

Warrantless monitoring of non-US people reasonably believed to be situated outside the US is authorized under Section 702 with certain restrictions.

Under the U.S. Code, “intentional acquisition” of domestic communications is prohibited unless “targeting procedures” are adopted. The provision also mandates minimization and querying methods, requiring the government to get a FISC order to analyze Section 702 query results in non-national security investigations.

President Trump GOES After Mitch McConnell After Illegal impeachment

As a result of a Justice Department examination of Section 702 querying protections, the FBI “violated [the querying standard].” There was more evidence than previously thought that the FBI did not use its querying criteria when searching section 702-acquired material.

A court has previously approved searches of section 702 FISA material without judicial authority, the judgment said. “The FBI accessed information for investigations including “healthcare fraud, transnational organized crime, violent gangs” and “domestic terrorists” as well as “public corruption and bribery” – all unconnected to overseas spying.” Read more at Fox News.com.

We all knew this, but watching our worst fears come true and accepting that the whole government has been armed against Americans is frightening.

“That can’t happen here” people need to recognize that it has been occurring for decades… Trump was just a temporary fix.