In a regime where everything we hear is either something about the rising cost of living, the general incompetence of this administration or some other form of bad news, I was please to hear that this attempted assault on personal freedom is halted indefinitely.

In a verdict issued on Friday, a federal judge banned mask and vaccine regulations in the state’s Head Start program, which Gov. Greg Abbott promptly praised as an example of his state triumphing over the Biden administration.

The Lubbock Independent School District (LISD) and the state of Texas sued the Biden administration earlier this month to prevent the Head Start program’s rules from taking effect statewide, but the judge limited the injunction to Texas, according to KLBK.

According to KLBK, LISD and Texas’ attorney general argued that mask and vaccine restrictions have a harmful impact on the Head Start program, which provides educational aid to low-income children. Staff may be forced to resign as a result of the mandates, according to LISD officials, and low-income parents may opt their children out of the district’s schools.

Following is the order:

The Department of Health and Human Services imposed two unprecedented requirements on funding for Head Start personnel who deliver education-related services to low-income children in response to the president’s desire to promote Covid-19 immunization. The agency’s rule mandates vaccination for Head of Services employees and near-universal masking of children and adults. It goes without saying that an agency cannot act without congressional approval. The argument is whether Congress gave HHS the authority to impose these restrictions.


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The rules, according to HHS, are authorized as “program performance standards” for administrative and financial management, facility condition, and other standards the agency deems acceptable. Texas and the Lubbock Independent School District claim that the Act does not authorize such requirements, that they would cause irreparable harm, that HHS violated the Administrative Procedure Act in implementing the conditions, and that the mandate violates multiple constitutional theories.

They are seeking an injunction to prevent the mandate from being implemented. Because the Court finds that the mandate does not fit within the enabling text of the Head Start Act, that HHS violated the Administrative Procedure Act in promulgating the mandate, and that the mandates are arbitrary and capricious, the Court temporarily halts their implementation in Texas.

“This is undoubtedly a victory for Texas children, since parents, not the Biden administration, should be making these decisions.” That didn’t sit well with us. We thought that was a parental decision, not a Joe Biden decision, so we sued them, claiming that he didn’t have the legal or constitutional authority to do so,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.