BUSTED! Fauci & NIH partners in crime CAUGHT with $350 million drug money.

Dr. Fauci and other NIH Scientists have received an amount that’s estimated to be over 350 million dollars in so-called ‘royalty payments’ from sketchy drug companies.

How this happened within the u. s. truly boggles the mind. If a private coorporation had been within the position of the NIH, people would get on the streets protesting and calling for heads, to not mention a barrage of racketeering lawsuits.

Every year the NIH hands out over thirty billion dollars to drug companies, University Labs, and research centers to help them in conducting meaningful research, improving their products and arising with cheaper and safer solutions to health problems. A ‘Royalty’ is then paid to executives and scientisst (who already receive Hefty sums as salary in taxpayer dollars) by these drug companies and research centers.

This cycle repeats itself every single year. Considering how long the tests for an effective covid-19 vaccine has taken; what proportion do you think dr. Fauci has made from experimental drugs? and does his profiteering from theses drug companies signify the rationale for his rejection of vaccines which are effectively utilized in other parts of the world?

The NIH bluntly rejected Openthebooks.com’s request for her books. It had been only after draging them to court and citing theFreedom of information Act that the NIH began slowly realeasing the documents. After many court hours, they eventually agreed to release 300 pages a month to 2 groups but reamined adamant about releasing records showing funds payed to fauci lastly.

Adam Andrzejewski, CEO and co-founder of openthebooks.com wrote: ” because those payments enrich the agency and it’s Scientists, each and every Realty payment is also a possible conflict of interest and desires disclosure.

NIH may be a revolving door of tens of billions of dollars in government grant. making further many million dollars in private non transparent Royalty payments.


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Daily reports created a disgusting and atrocious image over thirty billion dollars being given out once a year in Grants to over 66,000 recipients in big pharmaceutical corporations, research Institutes, University Laboratories and other entities with enormous piles of cash flowing back to clandestine NIH Executives, scientists and Senior Management staff in the kind of hefty Royalty premiums.

Additionally to being the U. S. government’s highest paid employee: it’s unknown just what proportion has been paid to fauci by these big pharmaceutical companies.

Andrzejewski wrote” since the NIH documents are heavily redacted, we are going to only see what number payments each scientist received, and separately the mixture dollars per NIH agency. This is gatekeeping at odds with the spirit and perhaps the letter of open record laws. It should even be stated that additionally to huge sums in royalty payments and the the salary of the highest-paid U.S. government employee, fauci also received a million-dollar prize from Dan David Foundation .