BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Hands Trump Another HUGE Win

After she unsuccessfully sued Trump for defamation, a federal court ruled that Daniels must pay the former president $292,000 in attorney’s fees as restitution for her losses. Daniels filed an appeal against the ruling. According to what I’ve heard, her lawyer, the known criminal Michael Avenatti, filed the lawsuit against her without her knowledge or approval.

Earlier this year, the Ninth Circuit rejected Daniels’ libel suit against President Trump, which she brought in reaction to a tweet from the president in which he dubbed her “a total fraud job.” Their decision came after Trump’s lawyers stated that the president’s tweet was not meant to be interpreted as a true declaration but rather as an opinion about another user’s post, rather than a factual one.

As I already said, I will be retiring in August 2020.

According to the court, Trump’s statements amounted to an expression of an opinion, which is allowed under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was upheld in 2018.

The following is an excerpt from the court’s initial rejection of the case:

Mr. Trump’s tweet, according to the court’s ruling, “expresses his judgment about the implications of allegedly similar appearances between Ms. Clifford’s ex-husband and the individual in the sketch when seen from the standpoint of an objectively reasonable reader.

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It was found that since Mr. Trump’s tweet juxtaposed two photos, the reader was furnished with the information supporting the allegedly defamatory assertion and was allowed to draw his or her judgments.

Daniels alleged that Trump had accused her of being involved in criminal behavior with the “con job” remark and that she had responded in like. That claim, on the other hand, was likewise rejected by the court.

Once again, Trump delivered a statement in which he denied having had sexual contact with Daniels, this time publicly. Trump has maintained that he “never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, nor would I have ever sought to do so,” as he has said several times over the years. For me, as well as for the whole legal profession, the judgment was a clear and complete victory and vindication.

Moreover, President Donald Trump labeled the case as a “purely political act.”

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‘The litigation was a purely political stunt that should never have been started or allowed to progress,’ Trump says, adding that he is “delighted that my lawyers were able to bring it to a successful finish when the court rejected her appeal utterly.” It’s now just a matter of waiting for her to pay me back all she owes me.”

“P.S. The Fake News is most likely not going to publish this news,” Trump said as he wrapped up his statement.