Attorney General Drops Interim Report Showing Proof Trump Won 2020 Election

On Wednesday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich released an initial report on the 2020 Maricopa County election, which found evidence of fraud and exposed major problems with the processing of over 100,000 mail-in votes.

“Instances of election fraud by persons who have been or will be charged for different election violations” were found by the Election Integrity Office, according to a letter Brnovich delivered to state Senate President Karen Fan.

First, Democrats will claim that there aren’t enough examples of voter fraud to substantiate their case or that they could have swung the election in their favor. Do you agree that over 100,000 suspicious mail-in votes are sufficient to support this claim?

We are consequently constrained in what we can share regarding individual criminal and civil investigations since the examination is continuing.”

The study does not comment on how prevalent the election fraud is, but Brnovich turned to social media to warn that mail-in ballots had additional systemic flaws. That is, in my opinion, why Democrats were compelled to introduce mail-in voting as a result of COVID. For the November midterm elections, I suspect they’ll produce a new version of the mail-in ballot to re-emphasize the need for mail-in votes.

“I’ve just sent President Fann our first draft of the 2020 election audit.

System-wide problems have been identified about the processing and verification of early ballots.”

Maricopa County’s early ballot signature verification method is inadequate to protect against fraud, according to a letter from the Arizona Attorney General. When a signature had to be verified, “employees completing the verification procedure had just seconds to study it.”

Maricopa County’s Recorder confirmed 206,648 affidavit signatures on November 4, 2020; each signature was verified for an average of 4.6 seconds, Brnovich noted.

So many early votes have to be checked in a short amount of time, making the system subject to errors, fraud, and negligence.

The letter may be found here:


According to research conducted by the Election Systems Integrity Institute in March, Maricopa County, Arizona’s Philadelphia, permitted the shipment of 200,000 mail-in vote envelopes with signatures that did not match to be tallied without additional examination.

Voters who voted by mail were supposed to go through the curing process, which is a mechanism of confirming signatures, instead of the 1.31 percent who did.

Only 587 of the 25,000 ballot signatures submitted by Democratic operatives in Maricopa County were rejected after going through the curing process. Only 587 people voted in the state’s first large mail-in balloting.

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Maricopa County’s handling of mail-in votes was also cited by the AG’s office as having a huge chain of custody concerns.

In every state, Maricopa County is a county. In Pennsylvania, there’s Philadelphia, in Georgia there’s Fulton, in Wisconsin there’s Racine, and in Michigan there’s Detroit. A red state may be turned blue by a single Democratic stronghold. There are fantastic miraculous pills I’d like to offer you if you believe that significant voting fraud was perpetrated in 2020.

According to the letter, “our analysis discovered several infractions of ballot transportation rules.” 381 Transportation Statements were lacking needed information from the 1,895 Early Voting Ballot Transportation Statements that we investigated,” he said.

According to Brnovich, these issues included “missing audit signatures, missing ballot count fields,… missing Election Department receiving signatures, missing courier signatures, and missing documentation of security seals and the absence of the two needed seal numbers.”

Accordingly, up to 200,000 ballots were probably carried without following the correct procedures.