‘ARREST BILL GATES!’ Bill Gates Met With Massive ‘Super Protest’ Before Speech About How To Prevent The Next Pandemic

Tech billionaire Bill Gates is on the hook again for covid controversy. Mr Gates who has switched attention to the health sector ever since retiring from Microsoft is again being scrutinised for his role in the pandemic.

Bill Gates has played a key part in the formulation of government responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, and he has been a vocal supporter of the Covid-19 vaccine, which were developed by companies he has interest in.

Gates professes to be charitable, yet according to Forbes, his fortune grew dramatically during the Covid-19 outbreak, during which he earned an estimated $10 billion.

Canada has served as the epicenter of authoritarian vaccination demands for decades. When citizens sought to demonstrate against the mandates, they were violently beaten by police officers, their financial supporters’ bank accounts were blocked, and their government rejected them as fringe bigots rather than heed their requests.

Last night, Bill Gates delivered a TED Talk in Vancouver on how to avert the next pandemic, and he was greeted by hundreds of Canadians who are fed up with the medical regime that Gates has assisted in establishing and promoting.

thousands of enraged freedom activists gathered outside the Vancouver Trade & Convention Center in Canada on Sunday, calling for Bill Gates’ arrest ahead of his keynote speech at TED Talk, during which the globalist billionaire has previously announced plans for depopulation via vaccinations.

Opponents of COVID-19 regulations have been rallying for weeks to publicly humiliate the wealthy entrepreneur who has religiously advocated experimental gene modification injections that have claimed millions of lives throughout the world and left others seriously damaged.


The doctor, Dr. Sofia Bayfield, said that “any physicians who begin to speak out against the requirements, who begin to speak out against the media narrative, would suffer a price.” “We’re paying a premium in terms of professionalism. Psychologists are on the prowl for us. Our hospital credentials are about to expire.

“Several of our colleagues — surgeons and radiologists — who work in hospitals have not reported working since October. Shame. As we all know, science is never completely resolved. Even Albert Einstein said that we must engage in argument. Science is a never-ending argument that will never be resolved. This is very crucial. We believe that the danger we are taking by standing up is worthwhile. It is a moral duty on our part.”

Various activist organizations, like labor unions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), played a key part in aiding the authoritarian Covid lockdowns and in keeping them in place for much longer than they should have been. It was discovered this week that teachers’ unions were given a role in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s reopening guidelines for schools.