Adam Schiff is in a panic after Durham revealed his darkest dealings in a new publication.

Every day, it appears that more information about the John Durham investigation is being made public. According to the New York Times, Adam Schiff was involved in the Russia Collusion Hoax as early as July of 2016. Durham discovered an email that reveals Schiff’s affiliation with Fusion GPS and his dissemination of misleading information regarding Carter Page, which was later proven to be inaccurate.

Schiff appeared every night, particularly on CNN, the cable news network with the poorest reputation. He would make statements that led people to believe he had evidence to back up President Trump’s charges, but they would all turn out to be lies, and Adam Schiff would go on to become the most prolific liar in Congress, despite stiff competition from inside his own party.

The report was subsequently determined to be wholly manufactured by the culprits.

We were given a substantial amount of information concerning Schiff’s FISA memo as recently as December, including unmistakable proof from the Obama-appointed DOJ Inspector General that Schiff’s report was a complete fabrication, and hence a lie. When the Inspector General’s report from the Department of Justice was released, Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist compared the Nunes and Schiff memos. Hemingway analyzed the circumstances surrounding the FISA order obtained to spy on Carter Page, and hence on the candidate and President Trump, and came to the following conclusions:

The latest Inspector General report on FISA abuse puts an end to the debate between Republicans and Democrats on the United States House of Representatives’ Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Both groups issued memorandums in response to the Department of Justice’s efforts to get a warrant to wiretap Carter Page’s phone.

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While Democrats Adam Schiff and his memo were lauded, Republican Devin Nunes and his memo were chastised at the time of publishing. The inspector general’s assessment, which was released more than two years after the Nunes memo, vindicates the Nunes memo while proving that the Schiff memo was riddled with inaccuracies and misleading allegations.

And, of course, Adam Schiff faced no consequences for churning out material that he knew was a sham.